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A straighter set of teeth will improve your confidence and your oral health at the same time.

You will no longer have to bear the brackets and ugly wires being plastered across your teeth when you need orthodontics for several years. Invisible braces are the newest, most discreet way to straighten your teeth and correct overbites. At Heresi Dental Care in Fredericksburg, VA, we want you to be proud to show off your smile.

Common benefits of Orthodontic treatments:

  • Easier cleaning
  • Better oral hygiene
  • Clearer speech
  • More pleasant smile

There are many different forms of Orthodontics, at Heresi Dental Care National Landing Smiles in Fredericksburg, VA our dentists utilize the following Orthodontics.


Invisalign® treatment consists of a series of custom-made aligning trays. Your Fredericksburg, VA dentist changes the trays every several weeks to fit the new tooth configuration. In addition to the reduced visual impact, Invisalign® aligning trays can be temporarily removed for important occasions – meaning that treatment duration is patient-controlled. Many people report complete satisfaction with both the Invisalign® treatment and the stunning results.

6 Month Smiles

Traditional braces are highly effective at correcting the alignment of the teeth. However, they come with a significant number of drawbacks that make them undesirable to some people. The metal brackets and wires are not visually appealing and also not very comfortable. Additionally, they typically need to be worn for a year or two, causing many people to avoid treatment altogether. With the Six Month Smiles program, treatment time is reduced to roughly half that of traditional braces.

The brackets used in Six Month Smiles are clear, and the wires are made using tooth-colored nickel-titanium which is a biocompatible material. The treatment works by slowly moving the teeth using a slight amount of force. There is no risk of damage to the tooth roots with these braces. Once the desired results have been achieved, and the teeth are properly aligned, the braces can be removed, and the retention phase of the treatment can be started in order to prevent the teeth from shifting back into their old positions.

Six Month Smiles is one of the best orthodontic treatments of modern times. With this comfortable and advanced form of therapy, you can attain successful results in the form of a beautiful smile in much less time!


ClearCorrect straightens your teeth using a series of virtually invisible plastic aligners. The aligners are extremely comfortable to wear and slowly straighten the teeth with gradual force to improve the look of your smile.

The treatment makes use of a computerized treatment plan that is custom made by taking 3D impressions of the patient’s teeth. These impressions are used to create your ClearCorrect aligners. Each aligner is worn for about fourteen days before switching on to the next one in the set.

Virtually invisible aligners: ClearCorrect is a treatment-of-choice for many people because it does not interfere with your social life and the way you smile. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing something over your teeth since there are no metal brackets or wires involved.

Convenient and comfortable: ClearCorrect aligners are much more comfortable to wear than normal braces. The best part is that there is no restriction on the foods you eat since the aligners are easily removable.

Oral Hygiene: Since the aligners can be removed, you can continue with your regular oral hygiene practices.

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